Be honest – how much time per day are you glued to your phone day and night? Do you wake up and immediately check your phone? Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of good in social media, however your day has 24 hours, use it to improve your knowledge and let’s not be managed by social media every day.

Have you ever unconsciously picked up your phone and mindlessly scrolled through social media for hours? The reality is technology has made it so that everything you desire is readily available at your fingertips and very rarely do we ever take a moment to shut off our phones and enjoy the present.

Why is it beneficial for you to unplug from social media?

I am sure you would agree that scrolling through social media, we compare ourselves to others. How does this make you feel? Maybe depressed, lonely, jealous or anxious? As you can see, social media is capable of impacting your mental health. Hear me out for some other reasons and maybe these can motivate change!

Allows self-reflection time – Rather than constantly checking what your friends are doing on social media, why not check in with yourself regularly? Take some “me time” and reflect on where you are life, how you’re feeling, are you achieving your goals etc.

Limit distractions – How much have you procrastinated on a task due to being glued on your screen? Do you KNOW you should be doing homework, or work on a project, or spend more time with your children or go to bed a bit earlier for some healthy sleep – but you still sit in front of the tablet or the phone and scroll mindlessly reading things others have written which serve you ABSOLUTLEY not one bit? Logically stepping away from your phone, will give you an opportunity to catch up on the things you have been neglecting.

So how do you unplug from social media?

Switch the tone of! YES switch of all reminder “bings” and put it on “do not disturb” –You hear your phone notification make a noise, what is your immediate response? Check it right? Perhaps, before bed or working on big projects that need your full attention, consider switching your phone on do not disturb.

Make a schedule – What does this look like for you? Maybe you set a routine in place to not check social media after 8 PM or not TV during bedtime. Having a routine and sticking to it can make unplugging just that bit easier.

USE the time you are given in your LIFE to do something productive!

- Go for a walk

- Play with your children

- Talk to your partner

- Talk to your family or your friends

- Go out!

- Learn a new skill from youtube - its free and it is a GOOD use of social media!

- Book a course on something you have always wanted to learn.

USE YOUR TIME ON EARTH!! In the end it is finite - Your mental health will thank you!

Feel free to let us know how you got on with some of the tips: