Have you ever thought about and even planned an idea and then failed to finish what you started? Have you ever set yourself new year’s resolution or started a hobby and then a few weeks into the year you stop committing your time and so you don’t achieve what you set out to do? Do you find any excuse to not continue? Too hard, too expensive, too difficult too… ? Have you ever asked yourself the question - Why do I struggle to commit to what I started?

Let’s face it – staying committed to something can be downright difficult. Life just seems to get in the way. Whether its people or situations, sometime things happen beyond your control. For example, grief, sudden trauma or an illness. All these issues can have a genuine impact to your commitments.

However, when the going gets tough, how else COULD you react? Have you found yourself using the above or other circumstances as an excuse to not commit? Do you procrastinate due to fears of failure? Or maybe your goals seem so overwhelming to achieve that it can detract you from staying committed.

How then, do you commit to your goals? Whether you want a job, lose weight, start a business, you need an action plan to follow through. Here are a few processes you can take on board to benefit you.

Stay accountable – when we are young we are usually accountable to our teachers, our parents, our sports coach etc but usually when you get older there is no one. You might have a boss who will want results and will go through difficulties with you once..or even twice if you are lucky. But how can you learn to deal with mounting pressure?

Pressure CAN be a powerful motivator when you start seeing success. Even small steps towards success will help your belief in yourself and will help you accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions and achievements.

The bottom line is, no matter how many motivational books or information articles you read, you have to do the work. View accountability not as a burden, but an opportunity to change to achieve – embrace it, work with it and allow yourself to succeed!

Create an action plan – Put it this way, if you were told to construct a tree house with no step by step instructions, how do you think you would cope? I probably don’t need to answer that. However, with a clear and concise plan, building that tree house doesn’t seem all that impossible after all. Really and truly, setting specific goals will mean your plan appears much more achievable. Ultimately you will feel passionate about attaining those things and that quality of life.

Effectively manage your time – We all get the same 24 hours but how do you use that time? Do you waste that time procrastinating or do you use every last second possible to help better progress toward your goals? Set up a good system for managing your time and be efficient about it. Use that time to practice the two tips mentioned above.

At the end of the day, commitment is about what you do. You can talk about your intentions and goals all you want, but when you show commitment it’s when you move from talk to action. I’d like you to take away this point ‘Commitment is an act not a word.’

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