I guess most people ask themselves this question so-congratulations that’s a great first step! Now let’s look at the steps to achieve this!

Do you at times feel anxious about your current position in life? Are you financially dependent on Universal Credit, or are you in debt?

Is your income to low to save money? Do you have any savings and worry every day about having enough at the end of the month?

If this is you then come and work with us!

We will work with you and start looking at – What kind of person do you want to BE?

So how do you become a better you? You need to really define who you are. That includes identifying the person you want to be! What are your interests values? What are you passionate about?

I want you to imagine having a conversation with your ideal self and ask that person: what activities do you enjoy? Who do you enjoy being around? What impact do you want to make on the world? What are your happiest memories? And… in 30 years from now WHAT will be the achievements that you want to talk about?

Once you have identified who you really want to be, you can now implement your plans. Below is my list of tips that will help:

BE positive – I know it sounds so simple but if you bath in self-pity and always tell yourself “I can’t” well then you can’t and won’t! Accept that in order to grow you need to CHANGE!

When you find you are thinking I can’t STOP - and say there is a way - I want to find it- WHO can I ask for help - if you don’t know anyone in your family or among your friends then come and talk to us!

Yes, we will get you out of your comfort zone because in order to move forward you have to take that first action step BUT we will hold your hand and we will go the journey with you as long as you are willing to listen and to move forward.

On this journey you will likely hit obstacles but the key is how do you react? Instead of getting discouraged, embrace the challenge and look at obstacles as opportunities instead of defeats.

Set reasonable goals – Set yourself small goals. Have you ever received a meal so large that you gave the plate one look and thought – I can never manage to eat all that!! Like that large meal that seemed impossible to get through, break down your goal into digestible chunks. A goal that you don’t believe in will not be tackled which will automatically kill your motivation and your actions. Try getting up 5 minutes earlier every day for 1 week – if you are used to getting up at 9.00 then set the alarm to 8.55 for 1 week- did you do it? If that is to easy- then set it 15 minutes earlier or 1 hour earlier- but the key is YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT!

With those 15-60 minutes more every day - set yourself a goal of what you would like to improve on! Your body? Lose weight? Your mind? Learn a new skill? There are many free youtube videos that will teach you certain skills- of course don’t waste your time just browsing through the internet- be targeted and focused. Write down what you want to learn and then search for exactly that. Write down what you learned and try and apply it! TODAY! Go on the council website of your borrow and see what free courses they offer- see if you can get a free or a cheap course to support your knowledge! Do the course if only 15 minutes per day- more if you have more time! And in 1 month you will have gained 15x 30 – 7.5 HOURS new knowledge! Then break down your big goals - and notice that your long term goal will gradually appear and become more realistic to achieve.

Enjoy the process – You may feel the need to set deadlines of when you want to achieve specific goals but be careful not to count the days and put a pile of pressure to achieve. Think about the last time you ran on a treadmill. If you looked down at the timer every few seconds, that run probably felt twice as much of a challenge. But what if you took the opposite approach? You plugged in your headphones, lost yourself in the music and took the run in your stride. If you did this, you probably discovered that you enjoyed the run far more. The point is counting the time down just adds further pressure and slow you down from reaching your goal.

The reality is effort is required if you want to become the best version of yourself but it’s certainly worth it. What harm is it to better yourself health wise, in the family, at a skill, hobby or work? Give yourself the best opportunity in life and try the tips above.

Feel free to let us know how you got on with some of the tips: astrid@asb-internship-solutions.com